Shamanic Healing and Counselling

‘We are not focused on “being a shaman”, but rather on how shamanism teaches us to live well on the Earth.’  Scandinavian Centre for Shamanic Studies

Shamanic Counselling is the core shamanic method of teaching people to journey, or to journey more deeply, and to better understand the truth of their experience with their spirit helpers.

In a shamanic counselling session, the practitioner holds a safe space and it is the client who journeys – To ask for help, for guidance and for healing.

  • This is a Space for you to take Time to Connect in with your Spirit Helpers,
  • to have help with formulating your mission
  • to Journey and to Listen to the Help your Spirits are offering.
  • The Shamanic Counsellor offers this holding space and it is a deeply enriching experience to be Witnessed by another, in connection with Spirit.​

Duration: 1hr 30 mins

It is important to state this is not psychotherapy, this is about developing a deeper relationship with the help that is available to you with your Spirit Helpers. 

Shamanic practice has helped me to feel incredibly connected and supported by Spirit and Fiona has been a valuable guide and facilitator as I explore the benefits of this practice in my personal healing journey.    Cindy, Galway

shamanic drum

A shamanic practitioner is one who has developed a living relationship with their spirit helpers. In all this work it is the Spirits who do the work, the job of the practitioner is to listen deeply to what is needed and to keep the connection with their spirits.

In a shamanic healing session, the practitioner journeys with the help of the drum, with their spirit helpers, to bring back the medicine that is needed for the person. Afterwards time is spent to integrate this medicine. Fiona offers practical creative tools to help bring the healing into our everyday lives.

Duration: 1 hour