Samhain Workshop Saturday 6th November, €75 (concessions available), 41/2 hours Lunch included 12-16.30pm.
Samhain is the beginning of the New year in the calendar of the North European lands, and based in the lunar calendar it occurs at the time of the New Moon 4th November.
In Ireland we associate it with the Crone aspect of the Cailleach.

This workshop will focus on collecting the seeds and creating a ‘Treasure Map’ of images and creating a ground to germinate.
Arriving into the space – beginning outdoors being mirrored/witnessed by nature (bring outdoor gear)
Arriving into the body through gentle movement, exploring developmental movement patterns as engaging with the innate wisdom of the body.
Collecting the images from magazines & Mapping the images
Gathering and Closing

For more details call Fiona on 0872263053 or email