Fiona Rooney BA, BAAD, ARCHTI.                                              Somatic Movement Educator and Creative Arts Facilitator 
Embodied therapeutic approaches;
-BodySoul Rhythms® & BodyDreaming®
-Transforming Touch® & Somatic Resilience and Regulation®

In private practice in Galway – online and in person

Offering healing space and presence since 1999, Fiona assists on the current trainings of BodyDreaming® and  Transforming the Experienced Based Brain®.

A graduate of the Marion Woodman BodySoul Rhythms® Leadership Training and the Teacher Training in Dancing the Rainbow. Fiona is a Reiki Master and has trained with Shamanic Practitioners based in Ireland and Sweden.

As part of BodySoul Europe she offers group workshops, in person and online. She has collaborated with Mary Condren at numerous events held by WomenSpirit Ireland.

Her Practice has been enriched by over 15 yrs of experiencing BodyMind Centering, Authentic movement & Contemplative Dance Practice with Bernadette Divilly.

Fiona attends monthly BodyDreaming® supervision and continues to inform her practice;  Nurturing the Heart with the Brain in Mind with Bonnie Badenoch, Spirit into Form – Being with the Book with Cherionna Menzam-Sills.


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My biggest training began in 1998, when I became pregnant with my first child – I could no longer run away from all  ‘that didn’t feel ok’.

I continue to heal my ‘fractured’ relationship with my body soul       small step by small step

I see this as a body soul spirit journey,  a pilgrimage home.